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Welcome to Brotherhood of Relentless Onslaught's Webpage, we are currently in start up being brand new so feel free to join but right now there will not be much activity as far as events and such.

Created by two friends who forged a brotherhood between them by the bonding of gaming, bring you here to join in this brotherhood to play with the same beliefs we strive to find in players
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 UNSC Rank Structure

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PostSubject: UNSC Rank Structure   Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:46 am

For those of you in Delta Company or who wish to be apart of Delta Company here is the run down of how the ranks will work.

Recruit - Received upon receipt and approval of application
Apprentice - Received upon the completion of "A Week"(Applicant Week)
Apprentice Grade 2 - Received upon five wins
Private - Received upon ten wins
Private Grade 2 - Received upon fifteen wins
Corporal - Received upon twenty wins
Corporal Grade 2 - Received upon twenty-five wins
Sergeant - Received upon thirty wins and stage one screening
Sergeant Grade 2 - Received upon thirty-five wins
Sergeant Grade 3 - Received upon forty wins
Gunnery Sergeant - Received upon forty-five wins and complete stage two screening
Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2 - Received upon fifty wins
Gunnery Sergeant Grade 3 - Received upon fifty-five wins
Gunnery Sergeant Grade 4 - Received upon sixty wins
Lieutenant - Received upon seventy wins and complete stage three screening
Lieutenant Grade 2 - Host five games
Lieutenant Grade 3 - Host ten games
Lieutenant Grade 4 - Host fifteen games
Captain - Win five games in Big Team Battle
Captain Grade 2 - Win ten games in Big Team Battle
Captain Grade 3 - Win fifteen games in Big Team Battle
Captain Grade 4 - Win twenty games in Big Team Battle
Major - Host five games and complete stage four screening
Major Grade 2 - Host ten games
Major Grade 3 - Host fifteen games
Major Grade 4 - Host twenty games
Colonel - Clan Leader with thirty active members
Each grade follows with plus ten active members

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UNSC Rank Structure
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