Brotherhood of Retaliating Onslaught
Welcome to Brotherhood of Relentless Onslaught's Webpage, we are currently in start up being brand new so feel free to join but right now there will not be much activity as far as events and such.

Created by two friends who forged a brotherhood between them by the bonding of gaming, bring you here to join in this brotherhood to play with the same beliefs we strive to find in players
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PostSubject: New Members   Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:17 am

Welcome to the home of the Brotherhood of Retaliating Onslaught

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If you are here it is because you have found yourself wanting what we have founded this clan on, brotherhood. Most clans you see are so focused on rules and compliance that their members have to be around each other for on going of months from what I've seen in my years of clan gaming, that sometimes not everyone can work together well if at all. So that is why me and my (not related) brother have brought this group together under one banner to show that we promote the brotherhood of gaming together in the oh so lovable game of Halo.

If you are here wanting some sort of militaristic group well sadly that is not what is here, least not as a whole. The ranks we have are merely for order with those who we have identified as key members who not only want to play, but also want to help others in the clan with the general order of things we do to operate.

If you've made it this far in the reading of this thread then I will assume that you are really here for what we offer, and I am happy for that.

If you have not registered with the site yet then you have an easy task ahead of you. Keep this information in mind when you register:

- Username: Your Gamertag (exactly how it appears, 3Ven !f iT L0oKz l!k3 th!$)
- Age/Birthday: You must be older than 17 unless you have good maturity and are reliable. If you are less than 17 you must have a [BRO] Member referral to be your Sponsor.

Once you have registered you are now ready for the last step, signing the pretty dotted line on the blood splattered patter, be sure to wipe off that Grunt's eyeball before you hit submit, the Monkey in charge of delivering the applications don't like them very well.

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